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Clinics range from a variety of subjects including:

Anatomy of the Breath
Vocal Disorders
Muscle Tension Dysphonia 
Vocal Health

Aging Voice
Freedom of Phonation
Tension in the Articulators

Music and the Brain

The Creative Artist

The Science of Resonance

Performance Anxiety
Pedagogy for Music Educators
The Private Studio:  How To Get Started
Business Advice for Young Singers
Mock Audition Workshop
Acting for Singers
The Art of Recital
Art Song Literature Italian
Art Song Literature German
Art Song Literature French
Art Song Literature British
Art Song Literature American
Diction for Singers
History of Opera
Master Classes


Private Voice Instructor Training Intensive

Aimed toward private voice teachers and music educators who are looking for a tailored intense training program in the following areas:

Vocal Pedagogy
Language and use of IPA

Teaching Techniques
Literature for Teaching
Vocal Disorders
Care of the Professional Voice
Song Literature
Acting for Singers
Competition Preparation
College Audition Preparation
Establishing a Studio


Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are offered at my private studio, Portland State University, and through Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. 
I accept cash or Venmo
for more information on studio rates and contract, please contact me directly


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